Landscaping and lawn maintenance are important factors that can play a huge role in improving your home or business’s aesthetic appeal. Many property owner’s invest a lot of time and money into redecorating the inside, but forget that curb appeal is just as attractive. The presentation of your lawn can play a vital role in first impressions and can increase your property’s value. But not everyone has the time to constantly maintain their yard, which is where low maintenance landscape comes in handy!

While caring for and maintaining your lawn is important, it can be a lot of work. Your climate and site conditions should be taken into consideration when choosing what to plant. It’s also important to choose flowers and shrubs that are fit to your lifestyle and schedule. If you are searching for a few low maintenance landscape ideas to improve your yard’s design, we have you covered!


Crinum is known to be one of the strongest low maintenance garden plants that you can grow in the south. These plants are also referred to as bog lily’s due to their love of moist soil. Crinum’s grow large clusters of pink, white and purple fragrant flowers throughout spring and fall.

Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is a great flower to add in southern yards that face hot temperatures. This plant is extremely versatile and low-maintenance. Black-Eye Susan’s are a great addition to any garden bed, and can grow three feet tall to two feet wide.


Liriope’s provide a yard with decadent appeal due to their grass-like foliage and violet flowers. These plants stay evergreen during the winter months and are often used as borders. Liriope’s are drought tolerant and grow well in southern regions.


A southern classic, Hydrangea’s boast big, bold, long-lasting flowers that can be white, red, pink or blue. These plants grow quickly and easily in rich, porous soil

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