Despite the current temperature, fall is officially here! While the weather still feels like a mid-July summer, October is knocking on the door and cooler days are on the horizon. Don’t let the lack of low fall temperatures put a damper on your holiday spirit! It’s time to head to the attic and snag all things Halloween and Thanksgiving decor. But, let’s be real… Is it really fall if you aren’t decorating with pumpkins? That’s a hard no! 

Head to your local farmers market to snag a few real pumpkins to throw in with your fall decor. If you’re in the Baldwin County area here’s a list of local farmer’s markets. On average, pumpkins that are kept in a cool area with plenty of circulation can last two to three months. Planning on carving a few? These bad boys can stick around for about two weeks as long as you put them in the fridge between uses.

Really wanting to kick your pumpkin decorating up a notch this fall? Here are a few of our favorite ideas for decorating with pumpkins!

Keep It Cool

When fall comes to mind, typically pumpkin spice follows shortly after. While the season is known for this warm drink there’s no reason we have to rule out the cool drinks too! Are you planning to host a Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving dinner? If so, kick the ice bucket to the curb and replace it with a hollowed out pumpkin! Scoop out the pumpkin seeds, fill it up with ice and put in a bottle of your go-to bubbly.

Candy Jar

Put a new spin on a candy dish by using a pumpkin! What cooler way to greet your trick-or-treater’s than with a pumpkin filled to the brim with sweets? Just simply slice a pumpkin so that about two thirds will act as the base, and one third will be the lid. Keep it around after Halloween and use it for additional fall decor!

Fall Vase

Displaying flowers inside is a great way to create a relaxed, beautiful atmosphere. Now, amplify the atmosphere by transforming a pumpkin into a vase to hold your favorite blooms! It’s much more simple than it sounds. After hollowing out a pumpkin, add a small-scale jar with water to the inside and place your bouquet inside. Use this as your dining table or coffee table centerpiece for the fall season!

Add Some Color

The days of orange-only pumpkins are long gone. While it may be the standard, it’s easy to switch it up and create a range of vibrant colors. Choose colors and styles to fit your home decor. Add some glam with metallic pumpkins or go for the farmhouse look with pastel hues. Go the whole nine yards by pairing a few different colors together!

Adding pumpkins to your home’s decor is a great way to get in the fall spirit. While it may not feel like fall just quite yet, it can certainly look like fall! Use the above tips to (pumpkin) spice your home up when decorating with pumpkins.

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