About Us

Growing and quality control standards are routine at River View Turf Farm.Since 1911, the Lipscomb family has been farming the area near the town of Magnolia Springs, Alabama, a community located just north of the Gulf of Mexico, just east of Mobile Bay and just south of Foley, AL. James Lipscomb and Sons Farms (JLS) is now the sixth generation to take on this endeavor.

Through life lessons, changing times, and changing markets, this family farm has adapted and maintained to become one of the leading turf producers in the southeast. Doug Lipscomb, president, takes a hands-on leadership position and oversees all production and quality control. JLS has been primarily known for their quality produce such as potatoes marketed to the potato chip industry and sweet corn sold throughout the United States during the month of June each year. Other endeavors have included the crops of corn, soybeans, peanuts, wheat and cotton.

As the landscape of farming changed, so did JLS. Demand was in place for a quality turf producer that could encompass all the demands of the turf industry to produce, market and deliver a quality product in the different forms the market demanded. River View Turf was formed as the turf division of JLS to grow and market Centipede, St. Augustine, Certified Tifway 419 Bermuda and Zoysia turf grasses. As demand grew, so did our acreage.

Crop rotation improves soil conditions at River View Turf FarmBy having a full farming operation, we were able to rotate our grass crops with other crops which we could spray out and treat for weeds and foreign grasses, which we could not do in growing grass crops only. This gives our grass a unique quality to be cleaner and sturdier than most grass in the market area. This has been one of our mainstays in producing the top quality product that we have demanded for our customers.

Our quality control measures surpass most farms throughout the southeast and our commitment to quality is such that we will not sell product that doesn’t meet our rigorous standards.

River View markets grass in slabs, mini rolls and 42 inch big rolls. We have proven to our customers we will adapt to the market demands, while maintaining top quality always.

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